Looking for Paradise

Paradise #9

Kayla MacDonald a.k.a. Kaylana Amina McWherty, was devastated when she found her fiancé in bed with another woman. She packed up her things and took off. Thumbing a ride she was lucky to be picked up by Wally and Kitty Drobny. They are a safe older couple who are on the grand adventure of traveling across America and stopping where they please.

Alex Minski and Ryder Gray have been sent out to find Kaylana, the sister of their Alpha's mate Nina Bidel. When they miss her at her boyfriend's home they head back to Paradise, Montana to get more Intel. It is more important than ever they find her as they have discovered she is their truebond mate. Imagine Kayla's surprise when she and the Drobny’s agree to accompany two strange men back to their hometown to stay awhile. How can the two shifters convince Kayla she once lived in Paradise and she is more than she knows? What danger does her ex-fiancé pose to Kayla over the item she took by mistake when she left?

This is a stand-alone story and is a very pleasurable read as such. Did you hear the big BUT in there? Looking for Paradise, directly relates to the characters in the first book in the series, "A Stranger in Paradise". So if you do not want to go through the entire series, you may want to at least read book one to see how the series began and why Ryder and Alex are searching for Kayla and why many of the old ways of the shifters in Paradise have been lost. My personal recommendation is that you read all the books in the series in order to get the full scope of Tianna Xander's creative talent as she unveils the secret world of the picturesque town of Paradise, Montana and the people who lived there now and those who fled for their lives.

From the very beginning of the series Ms. Xander has held me captivated waiting to see where she would go next. I love how she has characters that are not perfect, but so real. As the lost members of Paradise return and others, humans and shifters, come to Paradise we get to see the town come back to life. I look forward to reading about the Gibson boys and their pranks. I also have an idea about the ice sculptures and am looking forward to finding out if I was right. There are so many different threads that bind the series together. Just about the time one ends Ms. Xander weaves in a new one.

Pick up a Copy of Looking for Paradise and join in the growing number of Paradise fans. I am off to enjoy the next book in the series, "Healing in Paradise". I'll be back to tell you all about it soon.

Book Blurb for Looking for Paradise

When Kayla finds her fiancé in bed with another woman, she does what any self-respecting woman would do. She leaves him. Let him have his tiny and trashy bunny-sex baby. Kayla didn’t want him anyway. What she wants is a real man. One who can see her for her real worth. Instead, she lucks out and finds two.

Alex and Ryder are looking for the sister of their alpha’s mate. What they find is the woman of their dreams. Their mate. Ripe and ready for them. If only they can convince her she needs them as much as they need her before the mating heat takes the choice away from them all.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00