Healing in Paradise

Paradise #10

Over a year ago Anna had a severe accident on the job as a firefighter. Her recuperation continues, but she feels distant from her friends and co-workers. She wants to get away from it all for a while and gladly accepts an invitation to visit her online friend Tilly Conner and sets out for Paradise, Montana immediately.

Blake Conner and his bondmates, Ryser Southman and Andrew Tucker, have spent the last two months searching for Annamina McWerty, the sister of their Alpha mate Nina Bidel. After no success they return home. Blake gets word that his Aunt Myrtle McWerty is ill and needs him. Imagine their astonishment when they find out their quarry is staying with their Aunt and their joy when they find out she is their truebond mate? Can Anna and her sisters really help heal Paradise? Danger comes to Paradise as well and joy turns to sorrow. Where did it come from and why?

This is a story that reminds me of the sacrifices that public servants make on a daily basis. We need reminding from time to time to be grateful for all they do for us. Anna has sacrificed more than most and has suffered for it. Her mates also have served in the shifter and human military and carry scars from their battles, both physically and emotionally. This makes them just what Anna needs to heal. Their characters are so strong even as they try to protect themselves from the pain they have known. Each overcomes so much just to function day to day that you have to admire their fortitude.

Once again we learn more about Paradise, its history and its future. There are many surprises in this story that will easily make it one of your favorites in the series.

From beginning to end the pace of the book remains fast and furious. As with all the of the books "Healing in Paradise" can be read as a standalone, but if you want to learn more about Anna's sisters and how they became separated you may want to read "A Stranger in Paradise", book 1. Also look into "Looking for Paradise". I personally prefer to read a series from the beginning so that I can watch how the characters evolve over time as do their personal relationships and their relationships with those outside their familial nucleus.

Tianna Xander will keep you coming back time and again to see what is happening in Paradise and how it continues to regain its former glory.

Book Blurb for Healing in Paradise

After an accident that changes her life forever, Anna decides to take a trip to meet an online friend. Who knows, healing in Paradise may be just what she needs to bring her life back into perspective.

In the middle of the search for another of their alpha female’s long-lost sisters, Blake, Ryder and Tucker are called home to attend to a sick aunt. When they get there, he finds one very beautiful and familiar redhead. Having searched the country for her, they are surprised to find her healing in Paradise.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00