Another Day in Paradise

Paradise #6

Samantha and Sabrina Hart have been held by demented shifters and abused in every way possible. They use the magic their grandmother taught them, when they were children, to help them and the other women held there to escape. There are complications and Sam and Brina nearly drown. Luckily Sam's friend Aiden "Fish" Troutman and his friend and blood brother, Quinn Sadler, find and rescue them. They rush them toward Paradise and safety. Both men know Samantha is their mate, but will the trauma she has experienced and the knowledge of what they are keep Samantha from accepting them. Will their truebond be completed or will the past have the men succumbing to the looming madness? Will their captors find them before they can reach safety or will their saviors become their worst nightmares?

I cannot put my finger on exactly why I did not feel this particular Paradise book. For me it lacked that same gripping story line of the previous books. I felt as though I came late to the story. I even read it a second time, but it still needed more set up at the beginning to make it a smoother read. I needed the lead in to explain the major plot of the story. If you ignore that and just accept it as given then the rest of the story is great and will hold your interest to the very end. You will sympathize with Sam and Brina and all they have gone through and pray that they will be willing to open themselves to the future they are offered.

If you enjoy shifter romances and a good suspense story then this is definitely the book and series for you. This book can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading the series from the very beginning so that you have a complete over view of the background of Paradise and its history. You will also better understand the various relationships of the different characters. This is a very good read by an extremely talented author. It is well worth the time it takes to read, but be warned, you will not want to stop at just one book.

Book Blurb for Another Day in Paradise

Spellbinders, Samantha and Sabrina Hart, didn't expect such disastrous results when they mesmerized their kidnappers. Forced to alter their plans, the sisters escape in a very unexpected way. Will the women gain their freedom or are they doomed to fail? No longer human, Aiden Troutman returns to Virginia to end his relationship with the human woman he'd planned to marry. He never expected to discover her apartment empty and the two sisters missing. Stunned to discover Samantha's scent makes him feel more than he should, Quinn Sadler is convinced their enemies have her. Determined to find the two women, the men begin their search in the mountains of Virginia.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00