Toys from Santa

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Toys from Santa

Jenny Myers is determined to get her sister married no matter what. Jenny is a great sister but the worse maid of honor ever. As it is she forgot the bachelorette party and wants more than ever to get her sister married. Her sister sells sex toys and as a maid of honor she is stuck with doing inventory on all her sex toys. She will do anything for her but her fiancé’s brother Dane keeps interfering in Jenny’s life. Dane is one hot piece of sex on a stick that makes Jenny all hot and bothered. As an ex-marine he is all tough and macho yet one kiss from him and Jenny feels cherished. Something about Dane makes him look vulnerable ready for love yet afraid of what it will do to him. Can she survive the wedding and leaving Dane for good?
Dane McKenzie is in love or in lust he thinks. His brother is about to get married to the snobbiest woman on earth. He can’t understand how this snobby sister could have a beautiful, generous and kindhearted sister like Jenny. Jenny is so opposite from her and he is confused. Dane wants to have her in his bed but is afraid of the new emotions he is feeling towards her. One night with her is not enough and doing the inventory on sex toys is a great way to spend more time with her. Yet once the inventory is done can he just walk away from Jenny?
Toys for Santa is short and hot read all by the talented author Lexie Davis. Lexie created such a hot, macho guy like Dane to entice us and gave him Jenny to complete him in every way. Both these two are lonely yet together they are passionate. The feelings between them are a surprise and it’s interesting to see how these two can overcome the obstacles like the wedding. Great book by Lexie and can’t wait for more from this author.

Book Blurb for Toys from Santa

Jenny Myers is counting down the days until her sister gets married. Having lived with her since Shelly graduated college, she's in desperate need for her own space.

The wedding is set for Christmas Day and Jenny is the maid of honor. She forgets to plan the bachelorette party and cold-calls four of her friends, neighbors and relatives to attend. But in the middle of planning the forgotten event, Dane McKenzie, the best man and brother to the groom, interrupts.

Sexual sparks fly every time Dane sees Jenny. He's an ex-marine turned businessman with a frivolous taste in women yet Jenny Myers stops him cold. He wants her, has wanted her from the time they met, six months ago at his brother's engagement party. And when he sees her sprawled out in the floor, planning a bachelorette party for her snotty sister that doesn't deserve it, he sees the perfect opportunity. After all, Christmas is the season for giving and with the sex toys all around, Dane plans to give Jenny anything and everything she wants.

Contains mild bondage and sex toys.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00