Three To Dance

Exotica Line

Kate has not had a good life lately. She divorced her husband and moved a couple states over to a new job. Her best friend, Scott, convinced her to make this move. The only close relatives she had were her two cats so it was easy for her. What she didn't count on was the sudden attraction she feels for her best friend.

Scott was always there for her in college and seeing him again blows her away. Gone is the geekiness and now he's one fine piece of man. Yes they did hook up back then but being with him now as a grown up, well that is something that Kate just is not ready for. Another thing she wasn't ready for was meeting her other neighbor, Josh. Two gorgeous men wanting her attention is too much for her. Both men have different characteristics that make her wonder if maybe it's not a bad thing to sleep with them. Scott will always be like a good guy to her but she wants someone who can make her feel like a woman instead of a friend. Can she get that with Josh who acts more grown up than Scott? Two men in the same place make her feel wild and wanton but can they get to heart.

Three to Dance is a new hot story filled with great characters, sex and two men vying for your attention. Kate is your average divorcee thinking no one will ever think she is sexually attractive. Scott is the young man she would love to have fun with. Josh seems solid to her like she can possibly have a relationship with him. I loved Three to Dance and though it is a short story it does have a solid story line and yes heat between each character.

Book Blurb for Three To Dance

Kate just wasn't cut out for married life — at least not the version of it her alcoholic, neglectful ex-husband preferred. Now, after trying to put herself back together for three years, Kate's decided she's in no hurry to enter a serious relationship again. But she's definitely ready for a little male attention. When her old high school pal Scott suggests that she move to his apartment complex in another state, Kate is ready to start a new life. What she doesn't anticipate is how much of a hunk her blue-collar, bad-boy buddy has grown up to be — or the fact that another one of their neighbors is the equally sexy, suit-and-tie-wearing Josh.

Kate knows she just wants some no-strings-attached fun. But is she ready to take on two guys who want nothing more than to pleasure her? And more importantly, can she handle what they have to offer?

Publisher Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the same title but a different pen name.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00