The Perfect Ten

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The Perfect Ten


Janice Maynard has done it again in a tale of hot men, scorching sex and the power of love surpassing even those in doubt. There are three stories that tell a story of each cousin in this scintillating and passionate story.

He Loves Me, He Love's Me Not..a story of Diana's and the hot sexy mechanic Damian.

For Diana Killaney love does not come easy. She is a woman who thrives on numbers not really paying attention to her love life. She knows that she can never compete with her beautiful cousins, Elizabeth and Jeannie yet somewhere in her heart she dreams of a man. Not just any man but one who keeps coming into their boutique, Lotions and Potions. For a year now she has fantasized what it would be like to be thoroughly loved from the mechanic's hands of Damian. He is all the man she has dreamed of but afraid to make a go of it because she thinks she lacks beauty. One April night keeps coming back to her that maybe the potion they concocted was actually a sexual aphrodisiac to attract men. For surely Damian cannot really be attracted to shy Diana. Or is he?

Movie Magic.a story of Elizabeth and Enrique surpassing the age difference. Or do they?

Elizabeth Killaney is a woman in her prime, well 40 years old who has never had that real love that she sees her cousin Diana has with her Damian. Over her life she had one man and she thought it was love but it turned out that he was well, a cheating bastard. Now years later she is afraid of actually letting her heart love again. When she bumps into Enrique she is unsure of her newfound feelings towards him. He is everything she wanted in a man years ago and now she is worried about losing her heart all over again with just his kiss. Can Enrique make Elizabeth see that she is never too old to find love again?

I Dream of Jeannie.a story of blond, bubbly Jeannie helping Nathan figure out why he dreams of her. For weeks now Nathan has dreamed of the blonde, bodacious Jeannie and is confused. The time comes when he finally asks her out. The thing is that once they're together Jeannie is the confused one. She is not sure what about Nathan makes him irresistible his nervousness, his gorgeous rock hard body or the fact that he has a lot of faith in her. This is something that scares Jeannie for even though she is beautiful she struggles to make men see that she is not an airhead after all. Is it the Love Potion 10 that is making him attracted to her? Could it really have been an aphrodisiac?

Okay this is the first and won't be the last I read of Janice Maynard. Just the cover proves how hot and passionate this whole book is. Three stories, three cousins and oh yes three hotalicious men. They all have one thing in common though: they all love the Killaney cousins. Something about the women are making these men hot and bothered more aroused than ever. Is it the potion or just their beauty? The Perfect Ten is definitely a new twist to the contemporary erotic genre and Janice Maynard did a beautiful job. Of all the cousins I think my favorite has to be Damian and Diana's story. Something about a shy woman finding that someone actually loves her for the beauty she has inside warms my heart. Not to mention the scenes with them were scorching. Talk about a mechanic and a beauty, definitely opposites attract. This reviewer can't wait for more from this author.

Check out her website for a book video of The Perfect Ten and what she has in store next. If those men don't entice you and wonder about their story then you have to wonder what is wrong with you.

Book Blurb for The Perfect Ten

More "sizzling heat"* from the acclaimed erotic author of Improper Etiquette.

Love is simmering in the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains, where the Killaney cousins are concocting new elixirs in their shop, Lotions and Potions. One night, under an April full moon, the three women are in their mini-lab when an odd chemical reaction occurs. Suddenly three very handsome men show up, one for each of them. The sexual chemistry is off the charts, but are the passions for real-or are they just the work of an intoxicating aphrodisiac?


Janice Maynard taught kindergarten and second grade for 15 years before becoming a full-time writer.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00