Teaching Molly

Oh Yum Series Book: Contemporary Erotic

Pity, that is one word Molly Gerard never thought she would experience from her friends. Alas, ever since the divorce that is what her friends have for her. It was not her fault that her husband divorced her, even though he says it was. She is frigid, cold and an ice queen in bed but for Nick Trajan she is all women. One look from him and Molly is feeling more than hot and bothered. She knows it is improper but she cannot get enough of his kisses and touch. Nick for the first time is making her feel very naughty and sad to say she barely experienced her first orgasm. Can she, Molly the ice queen have a hot sexy affair with a mid-twenties guy like Nick?

Nick Trajan wants to punch Molly's ex-husband for making her think that she is frigid is beyond words. One kiss and one lick upon her body is all it takes for him to realize she is the woman for him. She keeps mentioning the age thing but with age comes wisdom and a whole lot of sexual experience. For the first time in his life he sees a woman who is not afraid of showing her sexual side and to learn about his world. The world of a D/s is not something to take lightly. Nick knows with his tutelage Molly can complete him in every way. He knows Molly is somewhat of a virgin but knows that he is just the right man to teach and show her that she has a wild sexual side. Can he make her get past the age thing?

Holy Moly is Desiree Holt on a role. This is one author that has blown my mind. Teaching Molly is just the tip of this author's wild imagination. I loved that Molly, now divorced is still a virgin when it comes to sex. Who can blame her as she had a horrible husband? More than that I loved that here was this hot guy, Nick who didn't care about how old she was. Nick is definitely all man to teach her about the different kinds of sex and all its pleasures. Oh Yum is definitely a new series from Ellora's Cave that will make you all oooh la la. Nick and Molly were just a completely WOW couple. The BDSM is of course sensual and not too hot and heavy. It shows us that even a middle-aged woman like Molly Gerard can appreciate its sexual allure and decadent tastefulness. Another Great job to Desiree Holt for another hit and a keeper on this reviewer's shelf. Now I eagerly wait for it to come in print. My only disappointment is of course its length but though it may be short it still packed a great story with scintillating scenes. Desiree rocks with great imagination, wild story lines and of course delicious heroes. This is definitely a top pick for this reader and wish I could rate it higher than a 5 for this book deserves a 10.

Book Blurb for Teaching Molly

Molly Gerard is facing her mid-forties divorced, unfulfilled and wondering if the things she reads in her erotic romances could actually happen to her. When she meets Nick Trajan, the first thing that comes to mind is wow! The second is the recognition of the ten-year difference in their ages. When she accepts an invitation to spend the night with him, she wonders how she'll compare with younger women, but the night is so erotically satisfying she tries to push the thought from her mind.

Nick is immediately taken with this lush, mature woman whose appearance belies her inexperience. He wants more than just the one night with her, but Nick lives the D/s lifestyle to its fullest. When he introduces Molly to it, will she run?


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00