Zette Matthews is shocked. She was going for an interview with a man who can help her concert. She had no idea she was going to face the devil again. Years ago he broke her heart and now he’s back to torment her. Jarrett Jansen is the last guy on earth she wants to see but something about his kisses just ignites her again with passion. Zette knows it is wrong to kiss him but she can’t help it. They are grown up now and the older Zette wants more than a chaste kiss. She wants her prince charming and the happily ever after again. Years ago he was a toad can JJ be the prince charming this rock star has been searching for all these years?

He needs to get married? Even from the grave JJ’s grandfather is controlling him. Only one woman comes to mind as a wife for him. The thing is JJ messed up years ago and knows he is going to have to grovel for her forgiveness. Zette is the only one who can complete him but as a rock star now he is not sure she will understand. What started off as revenge for leaving him years ago is turning into something that will kill him? JJ knows that this is his last chance to make it up for Zette but is it more than lust.

Zette and Jarrett are two people who love each other but are too stubborn to admit it to one another. I enjoyed seeing Jarrett squirm with lust and realizing his love for Zette. Here is a guy who is ruthless in business but when it comes to a woman like Zette he is afraid. With her he is uncontrollable something he needs in his life. Zette is definitely a rock star who sings great but like all of us wants that one man we can’t have in our lives. These two definitely belong to one another and Mina Carter created a sweet and fast-paced story. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Rockstar

A sexy Rock Star. A man bent on revenge. One explosive love affair.

Zette Matthews, darling of the music industry, has it all: haunting voice, dramatic looks and curvaceous figure. Every woman wants to be her, and every man wants to be with her.

Unlike the rest of her fans, Jarrett Jansen isn't content to adore Zette from afar. He intends to have her. Especially now as he finds himself in need of a wife before his birthday, or he'll lose control of the business he's run for years.

Revenge may be best served cold, but JJ prefers his hot, with a side order of pleasure, secured with a wedding band. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00