Riding Ranger

Imagine a modern day Robin Hood who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Imagine one that is strong, clever and most of all one who is a woman. She is called The Ranger. No one has been able to capture her. No one knows how her mind works well except an FBI Agent who has gotten the biggest break in his life.

The one thing the Ranger finds is a huge treasure is her journal. No one has been able to get it except him. In this book it holds all her feelings, desires and secrets. This book can incarcerate her for life. He stands in her way yet for some reason instead of bringing her in it has intrigued his curiosity about the Ranger. In his eyes she is brave, courageous, fearless and beautiful something she never expected. They both know it's wrong to make anything of this relationship. Yet the allure of mystery, risks and most of all the sexual attractions is making him rethink his job occupation. The question is once he has had his fill of her can he just let her go.

Riding Ranger a tale unlike any and told by the heroine herself. Though it is a short story you learn a lot from Ranger. She is mysterious and alone, yet something in her craves the agent man. He is a man who can love her and show that yes sometimes taking risks are dangerous but the biggest risk is her losing her heart. Though these two at first are at opposite ends of the law it is her book that brings them together. I would have liked to know more about the FBI agent man besides how he feels for Ranger. It's short, hot and oh yes the mystery of Ranger is one you got to read.

Book Blurb for Riding Ranger

Sometimes you have to break the law to right a wrong. That's Ranger's philosophy, and she's become one of the most-wanted criminals in the world while playing Robin Hood to people ripped off by greedy corporations.

But when she starts toying with an FBI agent who's tracking her, she discovers that it is he who may well steal her heart in the end. Can she trust him not to turn her in after an evening of wild sex — or will she just have to leave the handcuffs on?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00