Personal Gain

Oh Yum Series Books - Paranormal Erotic

What do you get when you have a witch who has had no time to masturbate? Well a very frustrated witch who casts a spell to clear her drought. Zina Matthews is at the top of her game. She is a strict businesswoman, rich and sad to say has not had any sexual fulfillment lately. The only thing that has come close is her little toy, Zeus. So one night she is alone then the next she has this wicked, hot naked guy in her living room. Not one to let a naked guy go by she uses him in every way. Or so she thinks she is doing the using. The spell only works for 24 hours but somehow the Italian stud has made her yearn for more than one night. With Paolo, the sexy insatiable Italian lover she is starting to understand what it means to really relax.

Paolo has been trapped in the body of a 25 year old. So it comes as a surprise that the one woman he is finally able to well you know is a forty year old who completes him in every way. Zina thinks she is too old for him but he has a lot of things to show her. One thing for sure he is a man who loves and loves hard. He knows Zina is the one for him but can he convince her that love exists no matter what age you are. Can he have more than 24 hours with this wicked and gorgeous witch?

Ah love and passion two powerful ingredients to make a long lasting love. Sapphire Blue outdid herself in this hot short story. I loved that Paolo, trapped for many centuries, jumps with so much enthusiasm it is hard to control this insatiable sex machine. And sex machine he is. Whew each chapter was smoking with their scenes. Even though it was a short story we learn a lot about Zina that many people don't know. Paolo is definitely the man for her in every way. Awesome job and just like the other Oh Yum story, Impulsive Pleasures, a top pick as well.

Book Blurb for Personal Gain

Rewriting a "Find True Love" spell to make it a "Find Great Sex" spell is the answer to Zina Matthews' problems. She's been so busy working and building her career that she's totally neglected her sexual needs. The spell will change everything.

Paolo Citriani was not what Zina asked for, but he is the naked man standing in her living room ready to do her bidding. Even a fourteen-year age difference can't keep her from experiencing all Paolo has to give…at least for the twenty-four hours the spell lasts!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00