Never Tempt Fate

Chris is in deep money trouble. For the past couple of months she has been living each day as if it were the last. She loves her apartment and has restored it with her own money. And now because of bad luck might just lose it forever. Chris knows that she can’t pay the high rent anymore but wishes for some good luck to come. She never expected though for the good luck to come in a fine handsome man like Antonio Rodriguez. Tonio is everything she has been dreaming of with hands that she wants on her forever and kisses that make her tremble with need. The problem is she is a virgin and knows that if Tonio knew he wouldn’t want her. Then again lately he has been preferring the opposite sex which makes her wonder why she is attracted to him. Chris has been burned before by love and marriage. She is determined to not make the same mistakes again. Can she find out why a gorgeous man like Tonio needs her in marriage but not in his bed?

Tonio has been burned by love before. It was by a vindictive woman who only wanted him for his money. He knows he’s wealthy but wants someone who will marry him without love. Meeting Chris he is enchanted not only with lust but something else in his heart. Chris is like a breath of fresh air and surprisingly her not caring about money bewilders him. All his life he has never known a woman like her and for the first time wants more than just a marriage of convenience. Tonio knows that he cannot stay married for two years to a beautiful woman like Chris without showing her real passion and love. The thing is she is a lesbian. Or is she? Can Tonio change her ways or will he get the biggest surprise of his life?

Ah Fran Lee sure created a most amusing and romantic story all in one book. I loved the scenario in this story between Tonio and Chris. This is definitely a twist to the newfound love stories. These two were great and enjoyed seeing Tonio get surprised at each turn by Chris’s look on money and luxury. The scenes between them were hysterical as well when they discuss their sexual orientation with one another. This was a great book by Fran and I look forward for more by this talented author.

Reviewed as "Dictated by Fate". Title changed to "Never Tempt Fate".

Book Blurb for Never Tempt Fate

Christine Lange thought she’d found a white knight, only to learn there’s no such thing. And even though her world’s falling apart, she decides she can make it on her own—until a gorgeous guy appears out of the blue, offering a helping hand. Christine grabs it, pride be damned. Surely her heart will remain safe because Tonio’s gay. At least, she assumes so. Why else would a man who looks like that need a temporary wife?

Tonio needs a wife and the sexy redhead is perfect. She’s attractive, desperate…and since she doesn’t like men, there’s no danger of her falling in love with him. But Fate likes to play with those who tempt her, and an agreement to see to each other’s physical needs soon has them scorching the sheets. Christine gives Tonio her body, but it isn’t long before he realizes what he really wants is her heart. (Book Length: Plus Novel)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.75