Memory's Eye

Book 1 in the Hearts of Fire series

Memory is tired of everything. All her life has been centered on being behind the camera creating the magic. Years ago she was handed over a pendant. Not just any pendant but one that is supposed to unite her with her other sisters to fight off an evil person. She has no idea when it is going to happen but knows that a man like Marco Redwing was not part of the pendant. Upon meeting him Memory is feeling something more than magic in the works. Unsure of what is happening between them she is somewhat nervous of what will happen once she gets back to reality. Everything that is happening seems like a fantastic dream with a gorgeous and sexy man like Marco. He’s for real yet she is unsure if they can survive the evil person when he appears. Can she just up and walk away from Marco?
Marco Redwing has dreamt of her in the past. She is a mysterious woman who enchants him with her kisses and passion. So it comes as a surprise when Marco actually sees his dream woman in person. Memory is nothing like the woman of his dreams for she is passionate and sexier. She says she is not looking for love yet something in her eyes says otherwise. What shocks him more is the pendant she wears. It’s similar to his. How? And why is she here now? These are questions that plague him and he has no idea what to do. The only thing he knows is he can’t lose her to the evil person. Can he convince Memory that it is more than a dream between them?

Memory and Marco are two people who never knew each other existed until a broken car brings them together. I loved that Ciana Stone created a special object that shows dreams can come true but there is a price to be paid. Ciana did a beautiful thing bringing these two characters together, while showing that it is more than just sex between them. These two show a passion that is exhilarating and  hopefully defeats evil people. Great job.

Book Blurb for Memory's Eye

My name’s Memory and I have a slight problem. I walked out on a business I poured my heart and soul into and took off across country to “find myself”. No luck on finding me yet, but I found something I wasn’t expecting. Marco Redwing. Sexy? Hell, that doesn’t even come close. Oh, the things I long to do to him. The kicker? He has a crystal pendant that’s an exact match to the one I’ve worn since I was eighteen.

It’s almost too good to be true. Problem is, every time I’m around the man my crystal pendant goes crazy. Damn thing sends off energy spikes I’m afraid are going to electrocute me.

Could I really find the man of my dreams in this charming southern city? And that’s the real problem. The crystal is supposed to lead me to the man I’m destined to mate with. Which sounds damn fine to me. But it also lets me know there’s something not so good getting closer.

And that’s the rub. There’s a demon after me.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00