Mardi Gras

Mia Sanderson has a fetish, one that she is tired of waiting for it to pay attention to her. You see her fetish is a man, her boss and best friend Ty Brewer. For years she has sat on the sidelines fantasizing and dreaming of him. He on the other hand has not paid attention to her because she’s the little sister of his best friend. This makes Mia more determined to get her fantasy to come to life. When she hears something about Ty she knows it is time to make her move. The thing is that it involves a mask on Mardi Gras and a night of mysteries and revealing a secret side of her.

The question is once the night is over can she just go back to being his friend and assistant. Or will it be the end of their relationship?

Ty Brewer is in love and thinks he found the right one woman in Mistress Mina. She brings out a side of him he has never known he had before. With Mistress Mina he enters a world of bondage where he’s her sex slave doing and begging for anything from her. Ty is feeling pleasure that he has never known before in a woman he doesn’t know. He is desperate to find out her real identity. Something about Mistress Mina makes him sense that he knows her, but he is not sure how. Is she real or is Mistress Mina just another woman using him in a devious sexual way?

Ah I loved Mia in this book for here is a woman who is tired of waiting.

A woman who knows what she wants and goes for it all the way. Now Ty is a little dense in the feelings of love in my opinion. Here you have Mia who has lusted and fallen in love with him and Ty has no clue just like a typical man. I loved that Lacey created a situation where Mia can be free and powerful in her own way. One word for this book is HOT. Readers beware you will need ice to cool down after reading Lacey Alexander’s book. Great job.

Book Blurb for Mardi Gras

Mia Sanderson has been in love with her boss, Ty Brewer, for years, but ladies’ man Ty only sees her as a friend and even worse, a good girl. So when Mia and Ty are invited to the same Mardi Gras party, Mia decides to live out a fantasy. Donning a Mardi Gras mask and wig, Mia masquerades as the seductive Mistress Mina, the bad girl of Ty’s dreams. But what will happen if Ty discovers her true identity? Mia’s risking their friendship and her job, but for a night with Ty, it’s worth it.

Publisher’s Note:  Originally published in the Behind the Mask anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00