Just Say Yes

Cruz Castillo is a wealthy man who has worked hard all his life. He knows he has made some mistakes in the past and one was marrying a tramp. The past is back to beat him and having Shea Prescott just turns his life more upside down. Meeting Shea for the first time was like taking the breath out of him. She is beautiful, energetic and the first woman ever to make him feel like a love struck boy. Cruz knows he can have any woman he wants but something about Shea makes him work harder than ever as he woo’s her. He knows that he can trust his heart to Shea. Can he convince her that saying yes can lead to more than just pleasure in her life?

Shea Prescott has been burned before by a man. She knows a man like Cruz can definitely break her into pieces. He is a man that reeks of sexual virility and a power to make her say yes to anything. Landing this big project at his ranch is a dream come true. A dream that she knows she can accomplish but she hopes that Cruz is proud of her work. Shea never mixes business with pleasure yet one step on his ranch and she is in Cruz’s arms. Can she finish this job even when his past mistake comes back into his life?

Just Say is definitely a book you got to get by Desiree Holt. Cruz is a man that will make you say yes to anything. Just reading about him you can tell this is a hot guy who can tempt any woman especially one like Shea. Together these two sizzle the pages and will leave you excited to find out what is going to happen next. I just loved it and can’t wait for more of Desiree’s hot Latin guys. She’s an author to keep your eyes on.

Book Blurb for Just Say Yes

Shea Prescott is astonished when millionaire Cruz Castillo chooses her to design his new home on his ranch. They hardly travel in the same circles. But Cruz had been hot for Shea since he first saw her and when they meet, the chemistry between them ignites. Cruz coaxes her deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of erotic sex, awakening latent sexual desires and bringing her orgasms beyond her wildest imaginings. Her body screams yes at his every touch, but will she say yes to the most important question?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50