Impulsive Pleasures

Oh Yum Series Book - Contemporary Erotic

Okay move over Mrs. Robinson for Jamie tops you. Here is a mother who is about to say goodbye to her daughter as her daughter is getting married and leaving the house. It supposed to be a sad day for Jamie but instead she is feeling horny. It is not for her ex-husband but for the best man. She knows she shouldn't even be looking at Mark Bentley but the way he looks at her is making her well feel young and desired. This is something that she misses. The feel of a lover's touch, his kisses and oh the fun she can get. With Mark she feels young but knows that if anyone found out especially before her daughter gets married she will be ashamed.

Mark Bentley has had women before but none have compared to Jamie, the mother of the bride. His plan was just for a fling with one of the bridesmaids but one look at Jamie and he feels like a naughty child. He knows that she knows it is not right but that doesn't deter him from touching her in any way he can. Once they kiss he finds out he wants more than a weekend with her. Can Mark convince Jamie that they will be good in and out of bed?

Oh my god this was a wicked short story and so hot. Man almost makes me wish to be older and a young hot guy like these authors are dishing out. KyAnn did a beautiful job in this one in creating a man who is so like Jamie it scares her. She knows Mark will be good for her in and out of bed but is afraid. Now Mark, man talk about all man and he is very naughty when it comes to his women. I really enjoyed the scene at the church. It's wicked hot. Yeah I know weird but you so got to get this book to find out why it is hot. KyAnn not only has out done herself in this book but now I can't wait for more of her books. KyAnn Waters has major talent and a very clever wicked imagination as well. This book is well very hot.

Book Blurb for Impulsive Pleasures

Jamie's daughter is getting married and now Jamie has to endure a weekend with her ex-husband and his new wife, the home-wrecking trollop. Jamie can be nice…yeah right. The asshole doesn't deserve nice. However, Jamie's bitterness just might be sweetened when young and sexy best man Mark Bentley arrives for the rehearsal dinner. Oh Yum! He might prove to be just the distraction Jamie needs. And if the ex has a problem with it…good.

Only Mark isn't interested in a little flirtation with the mother of the bride. He'd like the cougar to scratch her nails down his back. Will she invite him into her bed…or will he have to fuck her on the floor?

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere as The Cougar and the Best Man.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00