Ice Cream, You Scream

Lana Semenova is a woman who is easy to love but cannot let love in. All her life she has guarded her heart against men. One time she thought she found love but it was all a joke, on her. Years later because of that hurt she is trying really hard to give a guy like Nick a huge chance. The thing is just when she thinks she’s found someone Nick starts talking about marriage. All she wants is a good time that involves both of them naked and having fun. Can she convince Nick that right now just having fun is a good thing?

Nick has always loved Lana. Years ago he was around when she was humiliated beyond everything a girl shouldn’t go through. He knows that Lana is the woman for him. Opening up an ice cream shop near her shop seemed a great idea but knowing she is near is wreaking havoc in his life. One touch and kiss from her is making him go crazy with wanting her forever. Can he convince Lana that they belong together and hot sex between them can continue forever?

Nick and Lana two people who sizzle in this awesome book making you want more of them. Kat Alexis did a great job between these two characters. Lana is so set on not falling in love because of fear. Now Nick is definitely the man she needs to find her way back to love. One word of advice before you read the book get yourself some ice and the room is about to heat up. This book is hot and fun all the way through.

Book Blurb for Ice Cream, You Scream

Book Length: Quickie
Lana Semenova is living life on her own terms. Too bad that life currently sucks. Enter one sexier-than-sin ice cream shop owner who’s hot enough to melt his products. Drizzle with enough steamy passion to keep the neighbors awake and add a sprinkling of raw sex on the floor to liven things up. Lana may have found the perfect recipe to spice up her life. And if not? The sex is great and that’s all a woman needs on a hot summer night.
Well, that and ice cream.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00