Hot in the Clutch

Book 3 in the Gridiron Lovers series.

Dave Delaney is a great quarterback and he knows his career is over. He’s busted his knee so many times and this time is for real. Dave now doesn’t have any money, plus no career and no woman to love him back. So it comes as surprise that the only woman who wants him doesn’t care for his career. Diane Connors is not just any woman but one he knew in high school. She was a girl who he had a crush on but was afraid of the possibilities. Now as an adult and have been through life he’s ready to settle down for good. The only thing is that Diane has been hurt physically and emotionally. As a womanizer in his old days he has a lot to do to prove to her that he’s changed. Can an ex-quarterback finally get the real cheerleader that he belongs with? One who can share his life?

Diane Connors is a great mother but having a marriage with an abusive husband has made her shy of any relationship with a guy. Oh she knows Dave is nothing like her ex but there are doubts. She has always had a crush on him since high school but feels she’s not good enough for him. Dave is everything she has wanted in life. He had a career where she didn’t, he had wealth where she never had a chance and he had had love in his life. Diane has never had any of these things and because of it she is afraid to risk her heart. Can she risk her heart again to find true love?

Hot in the Clutch is one awesome book packed with tons of heart and second chances. As part of the Gridiron Lovers series this one definitely lives up to its name. You get all the past characters yet feel sorry for Dave. Here is a guy whose whole life was football and like all players are afraid of their career ending. With Diane anything is possible for him and the love they share is wonderful. Ann did a great job with Dave not only showing his true feelings but that a football jock like him can love with all his heart. I loved Hot in the Clutch and can’t wait for more of this series by Ann.

Book Blurb for Hot in the Clutch

Length: Novella
After twenty years in the NFL, Dave Delaney’s playing days are over and he’s back home in Hedgecock, Texas, coaching football at his old high school. He’s tired of meaningless sex and his empty lifestyle. Dave is ready for change and sets his sights on the girl who got away.
Diane Connors is attracted in a big way, but Dave is used to being chased by groupies almost young enough to be his daughters. He’s still a chick magnet with a wild reputation, and she’s gun-shy after escaping a miserable marriage with a bully—another local jock.
Thing is, neither of them can forget what might have been.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 5.00