Forward Pass

Book 2 in the Gridiron Lovers series.

Keith Connors is a great quarterback but a bad father. Well this is what he thinks of himself. He’s trying very hard to raise his little boy yet maintain a great image to his fellow football fans. The thing is that he’s tired of working so hard. All he wants is to be a good dad to his little boy. So when Tina Black becomes his little boy’s nanny and semi-mom he is confused. It’s hard to believe that after years of celibacy he wants Tina bad. He loved his ex-wife but since her death he hasn’t felt alive inside. Tina makes him want to be a better man and live again. He tries to deny the attraction but something about Tina’s innocence and blunt opinions makes him love her more. Can he continue with denying the attraction or will Tina make the first move?

Oh man Ann Jacobs is on the roll with this awesome series. I love the Gridiron series and all her football players. Keith is definitely a man who needs all the help he can get. I loved that Tina is definitely a football fan but also loves his little boy like he was her own. The attraction is definitely there but being a gentleman Keith has a way of seducing her that will make you want more. These two were great and his little boy is just so cute and added a nice dimension. Great job for Ann Jacobs and I can’t wait for the rest of this series.

Book Blurb for Forward Pass

Book Length: Short Novel
Keith Connors, widowed All-Pro quarterback, has never been one for the groupies or casual sex after a big game, unlike some of his teammates. And the last thing he’s looking for is a woman to replace his dead wife. Until gentle Tina Black walks into his life and captivates his baby son’s heart.
Still feeling the pain and shame of an attack by her perverted, dead-beat stepfather, Tina is looking for a fresh start. When Keith offers her a job as a nanny for his boy, it’s a sanctuary, a place to heal that she can’t resist.
From a tremulous relationship founded first on friendship, Keith grows to love the innocent, softly sexy woman inside Tina who turns him on like no other, while Tina sees behind the handsome quarterback façade to the loving family man, and together they decide to take a second chance on life—and love.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75