Consent to the Cowboy

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Consent to the Cowboy

For years men around Chums know that Daphne Norris does not dally with a cowboys…well there is one exception. Cowboy Will Hanson is determined to get Daphne Norris through some sugar, love and tenderness if she lets him. Daphne has gone through life dealing with heartache, pain and no love in her life. She is barely making ends meet and doesn’t need a man like Will to interrupt her life. Yet something about Will makes her wonder why she easily succumbs to him when he orders her around. Daphne swore she wound never fall for a cowboy but upon meeting him she knows he is no ordinary cowboy but master of disguise. He is man of disguise that she is determined to unmask and uncover at this point. One minute he is a regular cowboy and the next he is her lover making her do things she never imagined doing with a cowboy. Can she continue a relationship with him when she knows he will leave her? Or will he?

Will Hanson has been searching for years for a woman like Daphne Norris. Touching her hand in a rescue he knows he’s found his submissive. She may hate cowboys but she knows with a little love and tenderness she can warm up to him. The more time she is on his ranch the closer to making her his wife comes true, but something pulls her away. He knows patience is a virtue but with Daphne he will wait a lifetime just to have her say I love you. Just when he thinks he can have it all somebody is sabotaging his business and interfering in his pursuit of Daphne. Can he figure out who it is before they take him to the cleaners? Can he convince Daphne that she deserves all his love forever?

One word for Abby Wood is awesome. This lady is talented and will go places with her remarkable imagination and talent. From the beginning I loved Daphne and Will. Reading about their first meeting and her reluctance you can tell they belong to one another. The passion between them is hot and with each chapter it gets hotter in every way. Once again Abby delivers on her talent with an awesome storyline. Her stories are over the top and genuine hot. Great job and I can’t wait for more of this author.

Book Blurb for Consent to the Cowboy

Surrounded by beer-swilling, skirt-chasing cowboys her whole life, barmaid Daphne Norris has no intention of ever settling for any of the men in her Podunk hometown. So when bronc rider Will Hanson sends shock waves to her core with just one glance from his striking green eyes, no one is more surprised than her.
But Will is no ordinary cowboy, and he can see that Daphne is no ordinary small-town girl. He can sense in Daphne the quiet strength and devotion needed to satisfy a man like him, a man who needs to be on top, in every aspect of his life.
Daphne hasn't ever succumbed to her submissive desires before, and Will awakens her in ways she never imagined. While she's not prepared to give him her heart, she agrees to Will's offer of three days of intense pleasure, and then she's walking. But Daphne falls hard and fast, and now she has a decision: return to a normal life, or give up everything for Will...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00