Ace of Spades

Roe is a woman who is definitely not your usual damsel in distress. She is a woman who stands on her own two feet and won’t let any man especially Ace Spade take care of her. Roe has a past that she is ashamed of and has worked hard to make a difference in her life. Working in the Shell strip club she tries to not get pissed at customers who try to cop a feel but sometimes life is hard. She’s tried so far to not mix business with pleasure but something about Ace is turning her on. Something about him though makes her doubt him. Roe knows he’s hiding something but she has a bigger secret. Can she confide in him or will she make a big mistake?

Ace Spade is a man who gambles in life. Yes, he’s a gambler but also a man who deals with money all the time and women like Roe. He knows about her secret but he is a decent man biding his time. Ace has had plenty of women and has a reputation with them. Lately, though he is getting the feeling that time is going by on him. He wants a good woman and something about Roe intrigues, enchants and has gotten under his skin. Ace knows she is the one but knows that she is an independent woman not needing any man. Can he convince Roe that they belong together? Can he gamble his heart on a woman who denies their love?

Ace of Spades are in three words, hot, sizzling and passionate. Roe and Ace were just right for each other. I loved Ace Spade, as he is a man who has worked hard in life and is now ready to settle down. Yet he must maintain an image to women. Roe is definitely the woman he wants. But showing her is sometimes difficult. I loved that Roe is a woman who doesn’t need a man to change her life. From the start she is determined to change her life for good and not dwell in the past. She is a fighter inside and out definitely completing Ace in every way.

Book Blurb for Ace of Spades

Length: Novella
Ace Spade is a gambler who knows how to handle success and luck—until he meets Rosemary Carino, the new hostess of the gentlemen’s club he frequents. He has reasons for keeping his business dealings private but his life quickly spins out of control. Roe’s sexy and curvaceous body stirs a fire in him he can’t extinguish. Ace is consumed with the need to have her in every way possible.
Roe gave up working the pole in topless clubs long ago. Thrust back into the business, she fights to stay out of the clutches of hotter-than-hell Aldan “Ace” Spade. It’s not going to be easy. Her body melts around him, aches to know his intimately. And hiding her past from Ace turns out to be much harder than stripping off her clothes ever was.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 5.00