Tameka's Smile

What starts out as a cop-fantasy realized, quickly develops into an almost completely shifter eros novel in Zena Wynn’s “Tameka’s Smile”.

That was my initial, blurb-like thought on completing this novel. The story line surrounds new resident and BBW (i.e. Bodacious Black Woman), Tameka Jones, and cop/ “wolf-shifter” Chad Wilson as they steam up just about every locale while trying to track down a murderer that has deadly plans for the property that Meka’s grandmother left to her. Honestly, not as cliché as it sounds, I promise! The characters are both alphas, both somewhat 'bullet-proof', and yet have that instant, almost insane connection… and act on (or against) it in very entertaining ways.

Some of the best elements of this book were, of course, the hot love scenes, the shifting point-of-view speakers (which surprisingly didn’t get confusing and moved the story right along), and especially how strong each of the primary and secondary characters were. I love a book that makes me want to know more about everyone else as I am already fining out about the protagonists! The sense of fun I got from this book was also a rare but appreciated quality for a shifter novel, though perhaps sometimes forgotten due to their often dangerous circumstances. The main reasons I gave it a 3.75 instead of in the 4-range comes from maybe 1 or 2 quirks of my own. I couldn’t- quite- suspend my disbelief for that rather bold beginning of the story (you’ll see when you read for yourself)… and I kept thinking, for shifters-cops, I really would have expected some of the pieces to be glued together earlier in who the bad “IT” was. Overall: good book, kept me glued, and hope to read more, interracial or otherwise, from Ms. Wynn in the future.

Book Blurb for Tameka's Smile

# of pages or word count: 215 pages

Paranormal shapeshifter interracial erotic romance

Heat rating: 4 Novas

A True Mates novel.

Deputy Chadleigh Wilson, former lone wolf and new to the Raven pack, was raised among humans in foster care. He doesn't know anything about true mates, but one smile from Tameka Jones and he knows he has to have her. He'll do anything to claim her. Once she's his, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Tameka Jones is baffled by her response to the handsome deputy. She came to Refuge to simplify her life. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by people who think they're werewolves, of all things, and now her dead grandmother is talking to her.

But Chad's not the only person interested in Tameka. Someone wants her land and is willing to do anything -- even kill -- to get it.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.75