Night of the Dragon

A Berserker Mate's Story, #1

"Night of the Dragon" by Alexandra O'Hurley is a short story with quick, hot sex, a fresh perspective on the Berserker legends, and a nicely interesting premise (carnival setting, curses and Norse mythology to start). How often do you come across that combination, after all? Though no high tie-in to the title- so if you're a dragon buff, this is not the tale for you-, I enjoyed this book for the quick, personal ride it was.

I found myself empathizing with Karli's growing disquiet with a job of comfort, Ryden and Rayne's conflicting personalities regarding their mate, and was especially intrigued with many of the secondary characters. There-in was actually the main weakness of the story. Many of the more intriguing characters, some of whom actually had a voice in the main narrative, were introduced, but then kind-of dropped off of the face of the plot. Like Gyda and her Swartska family, background on each twin-pair of Berserker brothers was not explained, or only enough to equal one puzzle piece of their complicated stories. Yet, the author writes as if previous stories had already been written, even including an engrossing, short prologue on how they came to be cursed 1000 years ago. There is also not enough from our three protagonists, considering all the interrupting puzzle pieces, for me to fall in love with their combination, though I did like them all by book end. Overall, though the plot seemed a bit rushed, most likely due to the brief nature of the novelette, and the characters were not as fleshed as I like to read, I would say I enjoyed this read. but would enjoy it MUCH better if this were taken and expanded, or even made into a series concerning each Berserker set and their mates. One can only hope.

This is book one, so I do hope there will be some expansion for each Berserker.

Book Blurb for Night of the Dragon

Ryden and Rayne are Berserkers, immortal warriors wrought of Odin’s lightning. They are cursed to walk the Earth for one thousand years without finding love. And then they smell her...

Karli is a manager for an amusement park, and during her daily tour, she runs across the most incredible men she has ever laid eyes on. The erotic visions swirling in her head push her to the edge, and she cannot ignore the two virile men.

But can anything develop between the Berserkers and their mate with a hunter sworn to keep them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.50