Black Cougar Curse

Lucia Chavez is in over her head. She has come to the mountains to find a guide to help her find a black cougar that her dad was hunting. Lucia’s dad died tracking the cougar and she needs closure and a picture of the cougar for herself. She has decided to camp on the mountain and gets caught up in a mudslide. Sam Starr rescues her from certain death and the feelings that they share from the beginning are strong and get stronger the longer they are together. Lucia tells Sam why she is there and what she needs. Sam isn’t too happy about it but agrees to help her.

The chemistry between Sam and Lucia is off the charts. Neither one understands why it is but Sam is almost certain it has to do with his curse. Sam and Lucia are likeable from the start and the relationship is fresh and doesn’t feel rushed. The curse was very interesting and the Cherokee elements were thought provoking and insightful. The scenes between Sam and Lucia were intense. They were sensual and emotional without being overdone. The suspense elements were pitch perfect.

I’m not a big reader of shifters/paranormal books but this book makes me rethink the whole genre. Ms. MacKall and Ms. Dae have penned a highly suspenseful, sensual tale of two people who think they knew who they are but realize that it takes the two of them to become what they are supposed to be. Great job and I look forward to more from Ms. MacKall and Ms. Dae. 

Book Blurb for Black Cougar Curse

Deep in the mountain wilderness, Lucia Chavez searches for closure to her father's death, and the mythical black cougar he sought. Drop-dead sexy Cherokee Indian guide Sam Starr knows more than he’s telling. After he saves Lucia from being swept away in a mudslide, the bath they both need steams up a lot more than the mirror. Sam and Lucia are living proof that near-death experiences can bring two people closer together—they can’t keep their hands off each other. Neither has ever experienced anything like the heat that smolders between them.

Amidst danger and mystery, Sam and Lucia explore the lust that burns between them. If their desire for one another gets any stronger, it could bring down the mountains that surround them. Ancient secrets hold the key to their unbridled sexual need. Was their passion written in the stars?

One man. One woman. A curse that binds them—and could tear them apart. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75