Snow Play

This is a really fun and fast read in the Ellora’s Cave section of novellas. It is the perfect hot summer day read - made me think longingly of cooler temperatures. The characters are immensely fun and the dialogue was cute and smart.
Allie had booked a trip with 6 other friends to a ski resort and months later when it was time for the trip, she realized that her friends had hooked up with each other and suddenly she became the odd man out with three couples. She was uncomfortable with her situation but was trying to make the best of it- she was also beginning to realize that her “friends” weren’t really that interested in her at all. She decides to take a guided tour of an ice cave – but it seemed as if her tour guide was also only interested in one member of the tour and didn’t even notice when Allie got lost.
Zach is a world class skier hiding out near the resort that Allie and her friends are staying in. He is trying to clean up his image from a choice that he had made in the past and from letting the U.S. Ski team down, he’s also feeling somewhat depressed.   I liked the fact that Zach realized that it was his choice that led to his problems and that he was actively working to clean up his act. He spots an extra set of skis as he is getting ready to get on the last lift gondola of the night and realizes that someone is still on top of the mountain. He goes off in pursuit of the missing person and discovers that Allie is in the ice cave and goes to her rescue. Of course, this leaves both of them stranded on top of the mountain.
Both Allie and Zach are attracted to each other right away, not based on their looks since they have on full ski gear but rather based on their interaction and dialogue with each other. I have to be honest and say that the dialogue and interaction was both funny and sexy. They each hide the fact that they have a mobile phone and end up staying on top of the mountain in the ice hotel and one thing leads to another. The question then becomes is this only a one night stand or can they make something more out of it? 
I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I will say that there is a HEA and that I was really happy with how this short novella was resolved. I look forward to reading more work by Ms. Elsborg.

Book Blurb for Snow Play

Single on a couples’ getaway? Not the way to spend a vacation skiing the Alps.
Allie, the odd woman out, leaves the couples behind as she takes a tour under a glacier and ends up trapped in the dark. Cold and alone, she resigns herself to a night of misery. But when Zach finds unclaimed skis after the mountain has closed, he follows his instincts and charges to the rescue, bringing more than a helping hand.
He brings enough heat to melt the polar icecaps and change her life forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00