Three Fur All

October has run away from her captors. Her captors just happen to be wolf shifters. She ran as far as she could until she was almost hit by a car.

Mika and Elliot were in the car that almost hit October. They are also wolf shifters. They bring October to their house to recuperate. She did not know that they were shifters until later.

Dawn is a doctor and a female shifter, who was angry that Mika turned her. She was brought to the house to help October get better. She kept warning Mika not to turn her.

October found out that Mika and Elliot were shifters when she shifted in front of her. She had to learn that they were different from the ones who kidnapped her. They were trying to hunt down the ones who were doing the killing.

October started to fall in love with both men. She did not want to choose whom to be with. When she slept with Mika, Elliot started to back off until she told him she wanted him too. When Mika found that out he got really angry and wanted to claim her as his own.

When October got kidnapped again she was smart. She left a blood trail from the cut on her arm for them to follow. She also tried to survive as best as she could until she got rescued, even if it meant that she would get more injured then the last time.

When Mika and Elliot ran to find October, Dawn accompanied them. The problem was that she got caught in a whole. Elliot stayed to help her and to call the rest of the pack for help. Mika found October and with the help of Cooper, the pack leader, she was rescued.

October then left to go back to her life. She wanted to make sure that her feelings were true and not just because they rescued her. She also wanted to try to live her life away from the supernatural world. The whole problem with that was she couldn’t do it. She tried for months and she felt that she was living a half a life. So she returned to the two men that she loved and hoped that they loved her as must as she loved them.

I loved this book. One of the things that I loved most about this book was the love triangle between the characters. The other thing was the way that the author wrote. The way she described how the wolves shifted from human to wolf and back again was so interesting. Every detail was give, from the way their bones cracked to their facial shifts. I totally loved it. I also thought that this was the perfect length to tell the story of a damsel in distress and her falling in love with her heroes.

I recommend this to those who like a ménage. This a good book for those who also love paranormal romances.

Book Blurb for Three Fur All

October has escaped from her kidnappers only to run into the arms of two sexy men who help her recuperate. She finds herself falling for her handsome heroes.

Mika and Elliot know not to get involved with October because she'll return home once she heals. As much as they fight their growing attraction, the more they desire her.

But there is also another who craves her. Her captors haven't let her out of their sights and soon return for her. Together Mika and Elliot must risk everything to save the woman they love before everything explodes around them.

Warning: This book contains two sexy shifters who will make you pant and howl and a spirited heroine who will make them beg for it.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50