Dirtiest Secret

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Dirtiest Secret

A Dirtiest Novel, #1 / Stark

When I saw that J. Kenner had a new book coming out, I knew I had to review it. I loved everything I have read by her before. So, it's hard to believe that I had such a hard time getting through this one. I still love her writing and she can easily pull me into a story, but there was one big issue that I was having with this book.

It doesn't really have anything to do with the plot or pacing, all of that was fine. My issue came when it was revealed that Dallas and Jane were raised as brother and sister. Normally, I don't have a problem with stepbrother romances, but this one is a bit different. I really don't know why I couldn't get past it because they don't share a drop of blood, but being raised as brother and sister since you were five years old? That was a little too much for my taste because I think that I really would feel as if he were my brother if he came to live with me at such a young age.

Also, when I was reading the parts from when they were younger, I didn't feel like they were written from a child's perspective. It seemed as if I were still reading from grown up Dallas' point of view. I know kids grow up faster these days but I would have liked it better had it felt like I was inside a fourteen-year-old's mind. Besides, those scenes took place almost two decades beforehand.

However, if you are able to get past those issues I had, then I'm thinking this will be a great story for you and definitely if you are already a fan of J. Kenner's. There are plenty of hot scenes, a little bit of action, and quite a few other things going on to keep you on your toes.

I'm not sure if I will continue with this series because it's just not my cup of tea. Fans of Megan Hart and anyone who likes the darker romances will enjoy reading this book.

Book Blurb for Dirtiest Secret

From the New York Times bestselling author of Release Me and the rest of the Stark series comes the scintillating first novel in an all-new trilogy, perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 3.00