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Every writer strives to write the story that will make their readers laugh one second and cry the next. In Endless, Wendy Stone has done that and so much more! Ken and Danielle have as much in common as two people could expect with a seventeen years age span. However, what transcends time is true love - something that, from the moment they met in a thunderstorm has inexplicably pulled them together. Stone writes a poignant story, sexy and true, tugging the heartstrings of her readers. Skillfully, she weaves the storyline through the touchstones of her characters' lives, leaving the reader sobbing at the end with bittersweet truth only revealed in real writing. Wendy Stone has nailed it! Endless is a MUST HAVE short story, an outstanding addition to your collection.

Book Blurb for Endless

Danielle and Ken found each other under a bridge during a store. They marry and have the kind of life some people only dream of. Now, as Danielle lies in a hospital bed, dying Ken at her side, can their love surpass even death?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00