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Minders, Book 2

Emotionally charged and filled with angst, Zombie is a good follow-up to Monster. In this installment, it is Kir who winds up rescuing Josh from the agency...and from a Minder who has turned Josh into his zombie. As the story is fleshed out, it is simple and complex at the same time. The characters are likeable and opposites of each other - even as some traits shift between them and give each a better understanding of each other. Even though still a little ambivalent about the story, I do like the premise and "shifting sands" quality presented. Look forward to the third part of the story.

Two years have come and gone since Josh caught -- and helped escape -- Kir. Now, he is under constant scrutiny by the very people who hired him - on the off chance that Kir might contact him again. It isn't until a morally bankrupt Minder infiltrates the area where Josh lives in order to destroy him that Kir rescues Josh and takes him to a safe place in order to heal. The only questions that remain are: Will they have the time neessary in order for Josh to heal and for them to reconnect? And, are they really safe there from both sides?

Part two of a three-part story that is best read together and in sequence.

Book Blurb for Zombie

Dreams of escape become his worst nightmare…

Two years after Josh McKay captured escaped Minder Kiran Brunner, Josh’s life is in ruins. Desire had a hand in letting the beautiful monster sink psychic hooks into his will, and now he is essentially a prisoner of the agency, his every move watched for any hint of a connection that could lead to Kir.

Unable to stand by and let an amoral Minder destroy his lover, Kir extracts Josh from the agency’s compound and sweeps him away to a secluded cabin to heal. It’s just the two of them, Kir and Josh. Both wounded at the hands of the agency, both struggling to find the will to trust each other through the agency-induced barrier of hatred and fear.

Kir has all the patience in the world. What he doesn’t have is time. Whatever love they have rebuilt may be too fragile to withstand the future they face…

Warning: This emotional, angst-ridden story is part two of a three-part story and ends in a cliffhanger. The author recommends they be read in order for maximum m/m enjoyment.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50