Minders, Book 3

The pace of the story was very good, as was the introduction of Trey as a bit of a wild card in the story. Reading how, even when apart, Kir and Josh are closer together is very nice. Kir has suffered a lot, but he is a survivor. Josh has learned a bit about what Kir has gone through and is stronger for it - as is their bond.

While I liked reading the three-part story, I found myself feeling a touch ambivalent about it. Part of it is due to the fact that I kept wondering why this wasn't put into a single book. I can see why it was in three parts, and understand it, but kept feeling it should have been one. Another issue that left me feeling a bit ambivalent is Kir. I do like the character very much, but what ha dme wondering is whether he is as fragile as he comes across or is stronger than he believes himself to be. The final issue that added to the ambivalence is the ending. The author had stated at the beginning of each part of the story that it was a three-parter ending in a cliffhanger. Which is fine and the ending is just right for the story, but it still leaves me feeling as if there are unresolved issues and, hence, the ambivalence. This is my take on the stories and others may feel differently about them. I did like the stories and characters enough that I do look forward to reading more of the author's works.

After the events at a remote cabin, Josh has stayed away from Kir for about a year. Now, though, Kir is in danger and Josh comes out of hiding in order to save him. After Kir is saved, Josh tries to leave, but Kir refuses to let him go. Will the two of them be able to stay ahead of the agency or will help not be as helpful as it appears to be?

Book Blurb for Minder

The power that brought them together could be the force that destroys them.

Although Josh and Kir have each narrowly escaped the grip of the agency, they haven’t escaped its long, devastating reach. Josh has gone to ground, desperate to keep a lid on an implanted compulsion to kill his lover.

When he learns Kir is in danger, though, he has no choice but to come out of hiding and use every deadly skill at his disposal. Then try to pull away before he unwillingly takes aim at Kir.

Kir is having none of it. Now that he has Josh back in his life, he’s confident his powers as a Minder—and their love—will keep them both safe. But Josh is not the same man who disappeared almost a year ago. The agency has seen to that, and they have a fallback plan to bring Kir back under their control…or see them both dead.

Warning: This emotional, angst-ridden story is part three of a three-part story. The author recommends they be read in order for maximum m/m enjoyment.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50