Blackpoint Christmas

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Blackpoint Christmas

Matt and Thomas are more than ready for a nice, relaxing, tropical Christmas break in Blackpoint.  These plans wind up being put on hold when Thomas is abducted when the surrogate mother of their baby tries to back out.  Thomas is able to convince her to travel to Hawaii, where she goes into premature labor.  Will Thomas come out of the ordeal unharmed? If so, will he be able to reach Hawaii in time to see his baby born?

I enjoyed reading this installment of the Blackpoint books.  So much, in fact, that I look forward to exploring the series further.  I found both Matt and Thomas, as well as their various family members, very engaging and believable. The setting is nice too and makes me, at least, think of being right there.  Highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Blackpoint Christmas

Pages: 125

Genre: Gay (m/m), Contemporary Romance, Holiday

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Black Point Book 5 - It's Christmas at Black Point. Will Santa fulfill Matt and Thomas' cherished dreams for a peaceful family holiday...or bring them lumps of coal instead?

Anticipating a tropical Christmas break with their family, Matt and Thomas await the birth of their baby. Not everyone is happy about the gay couple's pending parenthood. Their visions of sugar plums and hot man-man sex crash and burn when Thomas is abducted by religious fanatics.

With the surrogate mom going into premature delivery and Thomas missing, Matt's family races into action...for a Christmas their family and Black Point will never forget.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75