September Awakening

The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 4

England 1880. An unexpected invitation by her friend, sent Lady Lavinia to a house party that would change her life. That is, if she could survive her meddling mother that would do anything to marry her off to a peer! She only wanted to be an independent woman and do as she please but it was not to be.

Dr. Armand, newly Viscount Helm is at the same party but is surrounded by his peers, who are all in Parliament,and trying to gain his aid. Before his title landed upon him, he had been a practicing doctor, who loved what he did and only wanted to go back to his profession. But that was not what fate had in store for either of these two, when they met and circumstances took over! Well more like being found in a compromising position which was truly not as it appeared. (Heard that before have you?)

Having to marry, they slowly became attracted to each other but it seems there is a lot that stands in their way! Secrets, intrigue and of course a scoundrel determined to have his way kept this fast paced story intriguing!

I have really enjoyed this series and cannot wait for the next story about two of the secondary characters! Do not miss this story or the entire series.

Book Blurb for September Awakening

Lady Lavinia Prior has lived her whole life under her mother’s thumb. Heaven forbid she should form an opinion of her own or want something more than the rigid role her mother has planned for her as the perfect wife of an important man. But since her mother has never deemed any man to be good enough, Lavinia is at risk of becoming a spinster by default.

Until one cringe-worthy night during a late-summer house party at Winterberry Park….

Dr. Armand Pearson never expected to inherit the title of Viscount Helm and all that goes with it upon his cousin’s death. With his medical career decimated by the duties of his title, the responsibility of an estate he doesn’t know how to run on his shoulders, and a position in the House of Lords that his friends urge him to attend to, the last thing he has time for is a wife.

But fate, and Lady Ursula Prior, have other plans….

What starts out as the most awkward, uncomfortable marriage in all of England turns into something else entirely when Lavinia and Armand discover that they have more in common than they ever could have imagined. And when they make a deal to combine forces in order to defeat an old foe, both awaken to a whole new world of possibility and love.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.50