December Heart

The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 1

"December Heart" is an entertaining story from beginning to end. It encompasses something not seen too much in historical romance. Lord Peter, Earl of Dunsford is fifty years old and fears he will never have an heir. Having been married in the past for over 20 years and his wife had lost many babes before she passed away, he agreed to remarry when his old friend from the House of Lords arranged he marry his twenty seven year old daughter Mariah. Mariah felt she was firmly on the shelf after having been jilted by her former fiance and made a source of gossip by the Ton. After meeting Peter and realizing how much older his was, she became determined to marry and make the best of it because she would be able to gain the freedom of a married woman. But as fate would often have it, when she and Peter were together there was a strong attraction and it seemed all would be well. Then steps into the picture Peter's awful nephew, Lord William, who was a total wastrel and had expected to inherit until Mariah came into the picture. William became determined to split Peter and Mariah up by any means possible so that there would be no heir to take his future title.

"December Heart" is full of many twists and turns as well as strong emotions. This story kept my attention until the very end. What a delight it was to see an older gentleman in a story. I loved seeing both Mariah and Peter having a second chance at happiness. I cannot wait to read more in the Silver Foxes of Westminster series! I want to thank Merry Farmer for stepping out of the normal younger H & H and bringing this story to life.

Book Blurb for December Heart

At twenty-seven years old, Mariah Travers has become what she most feared—a spinster and a perpetual adolescent in the eyes of her family and the law. But her fortunes change when her father announces that he has promised her hand in marriage to an old friend and colleague in the House of Lords. Lord Peter deVere, Earl of Dunsford, is not at all who Mariah imagined marrying, but she is willing to take a chance on the older man in order to gain the freedom that only married women are allowed.

After a tragic marriage that stretched on for two decades, Peter is hesitant to marry again. But he needs an heir, or else his dastardly nephew, Lord William, will inherit everything he’s worked his entire life to build. But when he meets Mariah, sparks fly that neither of them expected. Their unlikely match stands a chance of giving each of them all the things they never realized they needed.

But trouble abounds when the mine that has provided Peter with his fortune is exhausted and the search for new veins of copper begins. On top of that, Lord William isn’t about to stand by and watch his inheritance disappear. His efforts to drive a wedge between Peter and Mariah cause havoc and heartbreak at Starcross Castle, which will take an act of heroic devotion to overcome as Peter sets out to prove that true love is ageless.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam Level – Very Hot!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50