The Flighty Fiancee

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The Flighty Fiancee

I read THE FLIGHTY FIANCEE during an airplane ride and at the time I was entertained, if kind of baffled. I could not, for the life of me, figure out why these two wanted to be together. No matter which viewpoint the story was from, both India and Bartholomew wonder 'Why doesn't he/she like me more?'. Maybe because you Bartholomew spend your entire time stiff as starch instead of trying to be charming and you India are the biggest hoyden I've ever read about.

India's excuse that she's not a hoyden, just a little wild, is absurd. She admits she pushes the line of propriety and that she's spoiled and heedless of convention, but she should be treated like a lady. Meanwhile Bartholomew is hot to trot and seems to think letting his fiancee run around flirting with every male she meets will help her 'get used to the idea of marrying him'. Don't even get me started on when they decide to teach each other a lesson. Its specious logic like this on both their parts that had me tearing my hair out. This was zero communication and as a result the book became forgettable and frustrating.

Lady India wants passion in her life, the kind she secretly reads about and has dreamed about late into the night. Her fiancee Lord Bartholomew is anything but passionate. Stiff to the point of tiring, India resolves to do everything in her power to get him to break the engagement so she can get that passion somewhere else. Bartholomew, sick of waiting for India to 'gain perspective' on their impending marriage, decides maybe a more forceful tactic is needed to teach her that everything she needs rests with him.

Book Blurb for The Flighty Fiancee

Lady India will settle for nothing less than a grand passion, but she’s convinced her fiancé wants nothing more than a marriage of convenience. So she hardens her heart and does whatever it takes to make Lord Bartholomew break their betrothal…including tangling with one of the most hardened rakes in London.

Bartholomew is enraged when he finds India in a shady alcove with another man. Enraged but also excited. Clearly the proper restraint of a gentleman is no longer necessary, and he resolves to make India his at last. If that means anticipating their wedding vows, then so be it! It's time his flighty fiancée was taken in hand.

Heat Rating: 3 | Word Count: 21,450

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.00