Loved by a Werewolf

Big City Pack, Book Four / An Oh Canada Title

I've read quite a few of Chenery's books now, in a couple of different series and lengths. Her heroines tend to be a bit brash and her heroes tend to like tweaking their love interest's nose just to see them get riled up. Humor often plays a big part, though the stories themselves couldn't be categorized as 'comedies'. So I went into LOVED BY A WEREWOLF expecting much of the same. Unfortunately what overshadowed the storyline more so than anything else was how often Chenery told the reader exactly what was happening, or why it was happening.

Sizable amounts of exposition would crop up, especially in the first chapter, hitting the reader over the head with how miserable Sierra was in her life and how much she needed change. This all makes sense once Cale appears--he's her mate and lives rather far off, so all that build up as to why Sierra was miserable was just a way to make the reader understand why later she decides to move in with him off in Toronto (they are in Victoria currently).

A nice change of pace was how Cale tried to be the gentleman (for various mating reasons) and Sierra just wants to jump his bones REALLY bad. In fact their first time could best be summed up as Sierra takes charge of the situation and Cale is forced to accept it. This did bring up my second problem with the storyline however; Chenery makes it clear that once two folks are mated they can't stand to be apart from each other for any length of time. This is illustrated later on, but it brings up a whole host of questions not the least of which is how practical that dynamic really is. Imagine feeling overwhelmingly anxious, utterly certain the person you love has gotten into an accident...just because he went to work or just because she went shopping.

Of lesser concern, mainly because I'm not sure if some of it was addressed in the previous novellas (this is the fourth title in the series), is the underdeveloped nature of the world. Some people know the werewolves exist, others don't. Canada is apparently hopping with them in fact. Cale has been alive for 900 years so they either don't age or stop aging at some point (which brings up another point--do their human mates stop aging?). In all this was enjoyable, but left a lot of lingering questions.

Book Blurb for Loved by a Werewolf

At her cousin's wedding, Sierra is stuck on drunk-brother patrol. When he slips out of the reception with a married woman, Sierra must go in pursuit. But her efforts are in vain and she finds herself on a hiking trail along the edge of the property. She's not alone, however. A wolf is staring her down as if she'll be his next meal. Damning her brother to the pits of hell won't get her out of this one.

Cale knew he'd found his mate the moment he caught Sierra's scent while in wolf form. Things don't start off well, however, when she throws a rock at him. Not to be deterred, Cale disappears into the forest, where he shifts to man. No rocks go flying when he approaches her this time, and soon the two of them can't keep their hands off each other. But Cale has a furry secret. One Sierra must accept-because living nine hundred years without her has been enough for this werewolf

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50