Better After Midnight

Steaming Quickies

When they say Quickie, they mean Quickie. Though to be fair they were delightful little treats as well.

Of the three I definitely liked 'Sizzle' the best, mostly because I thought it was rather humorous the by play between the Tate and Dexter. 'I wanted to talk to you.' 'I wanted to have sex with you.' 'Okay let's do that instead'. Yeah that's pretty much how the conversation went. However I appreciated the fact they had a plan as to where to consummate their new relationship.

'Scorch', despite being the longest was a little confusing at the end. The girl, Ria, sets the story up as if 'oh hey friends with benefits' and then there's a big serious conversation that wasn't actually hinted at during.

'Steam' was short and to the point, though I didn't much like Fran. She comes off very superficial and it was more like she was allowing the sauna guy some great thing because he didn't meet her criteria. The ending felt like a reward that wasn't quite justified.

For a quick erotic bite these work well--little fuss or muss, a bit of motivation is given or backstory so it's not JUST the couple going at it and plenty of heat.

Book Blurb for Better After Midnight

Steaming Quickies by Stormy Knight.

Three steaming short stories--Steam, Sizzle and Scorch--to satisfy your quick fix for an erotic read. Perfect for your lunch hour or your afternoon break! Got your cell phone reader app?

Steam leaves you wanting in the sauna.

Sizzle takes you to the boardroom after hours.

And Scorch brings a woman back for a second helping of hot and satisfying.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00