A Librarian's Desire

The Beginning's Trilogy, #1

Taking into account the length of this story, this was a satisfying enough read. The author relied a bit too heavily on telling us about her characters, such as telling us that Erica is a prim, proper and uptight librarian or that Daniel was a bad boy, instead of giving us contextual clues. In both cases the facts of the story didn't quite add up to the picture the two painted of the other.

It was kind of a case of lust at first sight for Daniel. Erica, who I'm pretty certain he never met nor talked with before, appealed to him so he was her Knight in Shining Armor. When his drunk frat buddy Benny decided to try and take advantage of her, Daniel saved her. During the 'Never Have I Ever' game he was shocked by her answers and when she would have endangered herself again he protected her.

This is the extent of their interaction before she falls into a beer induced coma. From those brief moments Daniel deduces that Erica is worth more than any other female at the party and resolves to learn more about her. Erica meanwhile seems like a pleasant girl, excited to get the scholarship opportunity (that begins her romp through frat house drinking) and naive in a cute way. She's not a push over though and does assert herself well.

When I began the story I had no idea its technically the prequel to a different story, "The Librarian's Love", which chronicles Daniel and Erica post-college. Without spoiling that story, I can say this definitely helps to flesh it out and give some backstory to it. In the end it was a satisfying and quick treat to read!

Book Blurb for A Librarian's Desire

When an innocent preppy girl gets too drunk at his frat party, Daniel knows he has to keep her safe. Prequel to Librarian's Love.

Erica loves her studies. Library Science, the smell of history…it intoxicates her. But when she gets drunk at a frat party and reveals a bit more than she intends to in a game of Never Have I Ever, she finds her life of books and card catalogues not quite as satisfying as the handsome man whose attention she attracts.

The mousy librarian doing drunken keg stands grabs Daniel's attention from across the room. What a fascinating study in contrasts—one he can't wait to discover what mysteries her drab blouse and glasses may hide. And after hearing her sexy answers during Never Have I Ever, he's more determined than ever to know her secrets before the game is done.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.25