Unexpected Mates

Sons of Heaven Book 2

I have mixed feelings about this anthology.

On one hand, I really enjoy Brenna Lyons' take on alien species and the little details that she has that really make them come to life. Dame's down, for example and the other various quirks that I've come to associate with being uniquely hers. The worldbuilding is always intriguing, with unexpected twists.

On the other, I felt like the romances were so glossed over as to be barely there. I like the pull and push of two people falling in love, getting to know each other, understanding what makes each other tick and I felt like the weird and alien was much more in force in this anthology than the romance.

That said, I did enjoy it. It's intriguing and hot and sometimes that's all I really need. Also, these are really good for a quick read before bedtime when you don't want to commit to something full length or heavy.

Book Blurb for Unexpected Mates

Meredith has been advocating for foster children for her entire career, so when the courts and child services conspire to remove an Earth-born Sakk child's wings, she'll risk jail to keep that from happening. She goes to the Sakk consulate seeking asylum for Alice and finds herself partaking of the same.

Hayley and Holly are as different as night and day, but the sisters have never been apart. When Hayley decides to indulge one of her younger sister's flights of fancy, little does she know they are going to become the belles of the Sakk ball.

When Beldon and Jannie return to Sakk, Sakkra (the younger Sakk prince) becomes emissary to the humans. Little does he know how difficult the job will be. Between armed attacks and political nightmares, it seems the prince can't even eat a meal without interruption. Enter Amy. She doesn't want to test as a match; she's happily engaged and happily human. She's only at the consulate to offer support to a friend who is testing, but when her friend turns out to be very human and Amy turns out not to be, her life falls apart.

When Amy's other cousins tested as too human to be matches, Jolene didn't bother. A one-night stand with Rietin (a wingless Sakk tracker and Amy's personal guard) ends with an unexpected pregnancy, but can Jo overcome her belief that Sakk men see all women as alike and find happiness with him?

Sandy has had a lousy year. Her POS boyfriend dumped her when she got pregnant. Her step-father kicked her out of the house, leaving her homeless. The shelter has only let her stay as long as she has, because she's pregnant. And now...the final straw. Her sonogram shows the baby she's carrying has wings. Her last chance for safety and stability is finding a home with the Sakk.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00