Touch Me Not

Naughty Fairy Tales

"Touch Me Not" is short and hot. I liked Alexei and Mia and the premise, but I felt the execution fell a little short and I had a hard time suspending disbelief.

Mia has sensitivity issues so she wants Alexei's help in trying to "reset" her nerves since he's a master of blending pleasure and pain. As someone who has also struggled with skin sensitivity issues, I was very keen on this story.

Unfortunately, I felt that "Touch Me Not" tried to do too much within too short a time frame and I couldn't buy it. Not even quite one session with Alexei, and suddenly Mia is able to have sex. Not quite a full night together and suddenly it's love and happily ever after.

It's sweet and all, but couple those two things with Alexei's background, and I had more doubts than warm fuzzy feelings.

"Touch Me Not" was very hot and a quick fun read, but I think that it would have done better as a longer story with more being fleshed out, particularly Mia's issues.

Book Blurb for Touch Me Not

Mia doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after. She’s spent her whole life fighting the pain of overly-sensitive skin and has never known the joy of being touched in a way that brings pleasure instead of pain. When a mysterious woman suggests her son might be the key to breaking Mia’s curse, it sounds far too crazy to be real—especially when she finds out he’s a renowned Dom in an exclusive, members-only club. But Mia is desperate enough to try anything…

Alexei knows there’s no such thing as happily-ever-after. He’s a child of the streets, rescued by a brothel queen, and the last thing he needs is another suburban princess getting in his way. Bondage is his lifestyle choice. Pain is his business. He wouldn’t know what to do with a woman who likes it subtle. What is his adoptive mother thinking, to bring an innocent like Mia into the dark heart of their infamous Club Plaisir?

Be Warned: BDSM, voyeurism, sex toys

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 3.00