The Fifth Gate

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The Fifth Gate

Paranormal Erotica

After reviewing The Threshold Lost, I was intrigued enough to pick up The Fifth Gate to see if some of my questions would be answered by the first book. Interestingly enough, although I did get some of my questions answered - there were many more questions I had that not only weren't answered, it seemed that the answer hovered further out of reach the more I read. Perhaps this attests to Keith Bower's abilities as a storyteller - it certainly seems like the story is nowhere near as fully told out for the reader as this impatient one would hope. I'm certainly hankering for more at this point. However, I do have the same complaints as with The Threshold Lost. Although, as the first book, The Fifth Gate is better realized, I still often found myself skipping over some of the sex to get to the meat of the plot. More character development as people would have been greatly appreciated as well. I wanted more information, and after a certain point, I found myself exhausted by all the sex. In all, it was a fairly pleasurable read and if you've picked up The Threshold Lost and enjoyed it, The Fifth Gate will only add to the experience.

Book Blurb for The Fifth Gate

Marlene Rutledge, a young artist from Philadelphia, inherits an estate that once belonged to her grandmother in the forests of Massachusetts.

While investigating the long lost estate, she discovers her family's erotic relationship with a group known as The Circle.

Ranging in age from the late teens to early fifties, the women of the Circle explore the vast ranges of sexual expression with the help of their immortal lovers. Marlene eventually comes face to face with the possibility that the men of The Circle may be angelic or demonic in nature. The Fifth Gate blends mystery and sensuality as Marlene uncovers her family's past, how it affects her life now and the identity of the mysterious Sarah and Michael Gutherie.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00