The Druid's Captive

I found it hard to get through this story without wanting to flip ahead to see what would happen. Mostly because the story itself felt over-written, every point belabored, and way too much time spent on describing things that didn't seem to advance the plot that much. As such, the story dragged often.

Dani seemed far too trusting of Brandt and in general for the amount of pain she supposedly went through as a child. I would have thought that she would have more "street smarts" and would have been more eager to put herself in a position where she wouldn't be the victim. Who better to teach her how to fight and defend herself than a werewolf foster family? Yet she continuously seemed to choose the most damaging path to walk. I also didn't feel like there was an excess of traumatizing things happening to her without really addressing how she dealt with the psychological after effects. 

I think that this story would have been much better if the plot moved along faster and if Dani wasn't quite so helpless all the time. It’s a good idea and story concept but needs a bit more work on pacing and I would have loved to see more of the romance shine through.

Book Blurb for The Druid's Captive

Danielle's past lovers have all suffered horrible deaths -- consumed by the fiery passion of her anger at their betrayal - can she ever trust herself to love again?

Unloved and unwanted as a child, Danielle has come a long way. Happy and content with her new life with the werewolf clan that rescued her, she has learned to us her talent to Walk the corridors between the worlds of the Chain aiding the witches and warlocks who protect the innocent from evil. It has taken a lot of soul searching and training by the witches but she has learned to control her emotions and forgive herself for the deaths of her abusers. It has been a long time since the fires of rage burning deep within her soul have gotten out of control.

Until the druid finds her again. Taken captive, she is helpless against his greater power and forced to become his sex slave. She is rescued by her friends but the damage has been done. The fury burning deep in her heart will not be quenched until she has found a way to stop the druid's rampage. Forced to acknowledge the dangerous aspects of her personality she feels that she can never trust herself to love again.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.00