The Crystal Flacon

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The Crystal Flacon

This was a truly enjoyable read - especially with the snippets of Lucrezia's past interfacing with the present. I thought that the idea was a novel one and the execution superb. I did think that the sexually charged dreams with Antonio before they actually met or had a relationship was somewhat odd at first, but then it was adequately explained later on. Although I loved Abby's courage and resourcefulness and Antonio's old-world charm - I have to admit that it was the interaction between Abby and Lucy that really stole my heart. The courtship between Abby and Antonio was tender and passionate, but the one between Lucy and Abby was what really moved me. To a certain extent, I was irritated that the storyline wasn't finished at the end of the book - but that wasn't really something within Jeanne's control.

Jeanne's definitely going on my "to be closely watched for new releases" list, and I look forward to her sequel to Silver Fire.

Book Blurb for The Crystal Flacon

Series: The Collector; Previous Standalone Title: The Collector 4: Eight Arms to Hold You by Ally Blue

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel

Abby Foster, owner of Nannies, International, has been commissioned by the secretive Collector to obtain the Crystal Flacon, believed to have been in the possession of the infamous Lucrezia Borgia and to contain a magical aphrodisiac. But why should a nanny be set such a task? Seems Abby has secrets of her own. She also runs Finding Justice, an organization dedicated to returning art and other treasures lost during WWII to their rightful owners. With the specialized skills she's gained, getting the Flacon should be easy. She isn't counting on channeling Lucrezia through visions and dreams or falling for Antonio, duke d'Este, the present day owner of the Flacon.

Antonio d'Este, the direct descendent of Lucrezia Borgia, is a modern man with modern problems. A recent widower, he needs a nanny to take care of his five year old daughter while he prepares for the launching of "Lucrezia", the new scent for Borgia, the family-owned perfumery. Inspired by the stunning Crystal Flacon that contained a rumored magical aphrodisac, Antonio focuses everything on making "Lucrezia" a success. He has no time for the distraction posed by the beautiful nanny or the strange effect making love with her has on him.

When someone attacks the perfumery, destroying property, disrupting projects in an attempt to ruin the company and killing innocent people, they both need a change of plans. Together, using Abby's skills honed in while working for Finding Justice, they must find the saboteur, before everything they love is lost.

Publisher's Note: This story contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: m‚nage, m/m sexual contact.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.25