Magmon's Hunger

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Magmon's Hunger

This story was a fun read, with an interesting premise, charismatic characters, and steamy hot scenes.

I enjoyed how the story followed Karliss' life from birth until he meets Diama, sucessfully painting him as a real man with his own vulnerabilities and strengths of character, instead of just jumping into the meeting with Diama and what must necessarily ensue from that. In the end, for  me Karliss was more than just a man, more than just a god-vessel -- I cared about what he thought and what he went through and what his final fate was going to be.

What I thought was a pity was that not nearly enough was said regarding Diama or the entire necessity for the events that take place. It is never said why the He-Atal must seduce the He-Atallia or what would happen if he didn't manage to seduce her. I would have liked to know what would have happened to their world, not just to the the He-Atal and He-Attalia. Some more back story on why the He-Atal only gets reborn every cen-centenial and the Ician gets reborn every generation and what the Ician does for those generations without the He-Atal to seduce her would have been great. For that matter, the story ends too quickly when Karliss does finally meet Diama. For all the care that was spent on painting Karliss and his life growing up, almost nothing is said regarding Diama and who she is and what she becomes. It also seems that for all their talk of Diama's frigidity, she fell into Karliss' arms far too readily. What I expected to be a tender and drawn-out seduction ended far too hastily for my liking.

However, Lyons does a superb job regardless of describing the world, the culture, and bringing characters to life. I would  be interested in seeing more stories from this world that she built.

Book Blurb for Magmon's Hunger

The Furian and Frial have maintained peace for millennia, though they are opposites. The Furian worship Magmon, god of fire and passion. Their lands stretch from the southern volcanic ring to the temperate north. They are ruled by a royal family. The Frial worship the goddess Frilan, a goddess of ice. Predictably, their lands stretch from the polar north to the temperate zone. They are ruled by a god vessel called the Ician. They are as different as can be.
Once every cen-centenial, the alliance is renegotiated and a celebration ensues. There's just one little thing that has to happen first. The Ician is reborn for her people every generation. The He-Atal, Magmon's god vessel, only appears for the cen-centenial. He is conceived at Magmon's celebration, born in the Dragon God's fire, consumed by His hunger, taken into the temple to be trained to survive the burn... And finally, he is presented to the Ician with one job and one job only: seduce a frigid woman.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.00