Stronghold Book 3

"Dawn" is fast, hot, and fun in all the good ways.

It mostly stands alone. I think this series would be best if read in order so the reader has a better idea of what came before, who the Sentries are, and what they do, but it's not strictly necessary.

Saige and Isaac are good together. I love how Saige gives as good as she gets. I also really appreciated that she had Isaac's number and he couldn't pull a fast one over on her. It's a good departure from the usual where the girl is always playing catch up. However, I would have liked to have seen a bit more character development and to see them falling in love rather than going from 90 mph one direction to 120 the other.

The supporting characters are great, to the point where they're almost taking over the show. So I'm definitely looking forward to the next book, but also feeling a bit cheated of more Saige and Isaac. Hoping I'll see more of them in the next book as well!

Book Blurb for Dawn

Saige Ellis can spot a liar from a hundred yards away, and she knows her history professor is bad news. She hates the way he hides behind his stupid sunglasses and beard. She hates the way his ridiculously perfect body makes her feel. When he asks her to stay after class, she asks him what he’s trying to prove.

Isaac Dawn hates having to hide his identity, but it’s the only way he can get close to Saige without tipping everyone off about his identity as a Sentry. He knows she’s his perfect match, but she’s skittish and angry, and for good reason—her abusive father has been stalking her for years. When he asks her to give him a chance, Saige demands the truth, and he blows it.

However, when murderous aliens are real, and a mysterious shadow follows Saige home, is her demand for honesty worth her life? Can she accept Isaac’s help without losing herself?

Be Warned: bondage, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 3.50