Waiting on Tuesday

Collar and Cuffs, #2

Tuesday has had a lot happen to her in the past, most of it being abuse by her father. When he dies and her family contacts her to come to the funeral a lot of stuff comes to light. Tuesday is a submissive and with the new Dom’s coming into the club she's supposed to be safe, unknown to her not all the Dom’s were checked and she ends up with one that brings on a full PTSD attack and locks her away. When others find her she's catatonic and forced to talk to a therapist.

Master Dan feels responsible because it’s his job to run background checks on the Dom’s. After the incident he looks after Tuesday and makes her see a therapist, which is both a good and bad idea. I think it’s okay to talk to a therapist if you need it but I didn't like how they forced her to.

I was drawn into the story when I got to page 18. The BDSM scene has always interested me and each author has their own view on it. In Bella's case the Dungeon is a place of safety and you get to see what happens when that safety is threatened. I also loved Tuesdays accent, the way it was described I could hear it in my head. This book had great flow and the characters were believable. At no point did I have to stop reading and wonder huh, is that possible? Tuesday is a strong person and I really loved how she was able to overcome her past and look forward to her future and not only that but she got a wonderful surprise at the end. In all it was a good book and I hate Tuesday's family.

Book Blurb for Waiting on Tuesday

She craves the whip – but her heart won’t be beaten…

Tuesday O’Leary hoped to leave her dreadful past behind when she fled Ireland. She’s happy working as a waitress at the exclusive Collar and Cuffs, and even happier when she can play in the BDSM club’s dungeon when she’s off-duty. Despite her past, she craves a good beating, and purposely misbehaves to earn punishments from the Doms. But one Dom in particular tickles her fancy—Master Dan Parker. And while she loves having him at the other end of the whip, she doesn’t dare accept his aftercare for fear of revealing her feelings.

But when an incident at the club leaves her vulnerable, she realizes history is repeating itself. As her past catches up with her, her life is truly put in danger, and there’s only one man she can trust—Dan Parker. Can he help save her life and her heart—or is she finally beaten?

Reader discretion: contains light BDSM elements, whipping, spanking, themes of dominance and submission

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00