Baron's Right

Baron’s Right is the type of book I love reading. It is full of hot romance and passion. If my life could be a book I’d want it to be Baron’s Right. Even though this is a work of fiction there has to be a Roidan in the real world. He’s strong, protective, knows how to please and pleasure a woman and yet he’s not domineering. And Acelwyn is the perfect complement to Roidan. She’s protective of Roidan and the villagers and she sees to the needs of others before her own needs. Acelwyn and Roidan are a perfect match.

The attraction and then passion that blossoms between Roidan and Acelwyn is the dream of many women. Erwyn Blackwell will be an author that I will definitely read over and over again. She has the knowledge of what makes a man and a woman mesh.

This book would definitely be in my collection of “read-again books".

Book Blurb for Baron's Right

Length: Novella
Passion ignites between a cautious healer and a battle-weary knight.
Acelwyn is an independent healer, a woman with her own mind who swears she’ll never be at any man’s mercy. Roidan, a great warrior, appreciates his new land, granted to him by the king—but nothing fires his blood, his passion, as does the sensual healer he vows will be his.
Though Acelwyn is attracted to the new baron, she’s more interested in keeping him alive and staying out of another man’s clutches. Roidan vows to protect her from all harm; he wants no other to have her. A man of hearty appetites, he initiates her into sexual pleasure. But will passion be enough to keep Acelwyn tied to him? If not, he’ll keep her anyway—as is the baron’s right. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00