His Brother, Her Lover

Men of Sanctuary Book 7

"His Brother, Her Lover" was not what I expected. The description didn’t feel completely accurate. It started out a great story but then I found it lagging. There were multiple change of views throughout sentences that I had trouble following at times. Even the nickname Braedon give Kailani is used by more than him.

I felt that Kalani was not a strong character. She is so wishy washy with her feelings and is running away from everything even when she says that she needs to take a stand for herself and her relationship. The coolest thing about her is her job. I understand where she gets the commitment issues as she didn’t have a normal upbringing.

The supporting characters I liked better as they had a stronger relationship and bond that I could relate to better. As it stands, this was an OK read. It's definitely not one I’d read again.

Book Blurb for His Brother, Her Lover

Demolitions expert Kailani Holokai doesn't have the experience to deal with both Sheriff Brian MacBride, her lover, and his identical twin, Detective Braedon MacBride, who wants her just as badly...

All demolitions expert Kailani Holokai knows is when she's near Sheriff Brian "Mac" MacBride, former Navy SEAL, all conversation comes to a grinding halt as their libidos crash into overdrive. But is volcanic hot rockin' sex all they have? Undercover Detective Braedon MacBride, Mac's estranged identical twin, shows up at Mac's door, bloody and battered. Braedon's instant attraction to Kailani breaks all the brother barriers.

This is nothing like the twin games they played in college. This mattered. Can Kailani, inexperienced in such a sexual arena, deal with Braedon's ramped up attentions as well as Mac's growing jealousy? Will Braedon's trouble follow him to Sanctuary, and put Kailani in danger as well?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 3.00