Voodoo Nights

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Voodoo Nights

Pricilla has had her share of heartbreak in her life. A fire, two years ago, took the life of her fiancé and left her with physical and emotional scars from that night. Haunted by her past, she decides to go to New Orleans to make a fresh start and move on with her life. There, she meets Anton and Adella, brother and sister, at a boarding house, who are also being haunted by the events of their past. Both of them have been cursed by a voodoo priestess where they are locked in an endless cycle of repeating past events due to Anton’s past indiscretions. Pricilla may be the key to breaking this spell, but only if she is willing to face her own demons and finally put them to rest so she can move on with her future.

This was a well-written love story that stays with you well after you have finished the last page. Pricilla was a sweet woman that was looking for an opportunity for a fresh start and to finally find peace after all the pain that she has experienced since the night of the fire. When she met Anton and Adella at the boarding house, they accepted her into their lives without judgment and with open arms. The romance that eventually developed between Pricilla and Anton was breathtaking and you were hoping that they would get their happy ever after. This was a very romantic story that I will definitely read again and that shows you that one decision can change your whole life for the better.

Book Blurb for Voodoo Nights

Heat rating: 2 Novas
# of pages or word count: 62 pages
Genre: Dark paranormal time travel fantasy erotic romance

For the past two years, Pricilla Weaver has been haunted by guilt and nightmares of her dead fiance. Deciding to get away, she books a vacation to New Orleans . However, once she gets to the hotel, her plans go awry. Her hotel lost her reservation so she’s forced to get a room at a local bed and breakfast. When she arrives there, things start to get a little strange.

Anton has been under a curse for over a century. He desperately yearns to free his sister who was imprisoned by the same voodoo priestess. However, when he meets Pricilla, he see past her nightmares and desires to help her.

Will Pricilla break Anton’s curse? Will she ever be free of her nightmares? Or will the voodoo priestess catch up to them both?


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75