Blood Will Tell

Dr. Cecelia Barnes is a no-nonsense woman who cannot believe she was attacked by real-life vampires. Well, just how alive are vampires anyway? She is about to find out. Cecelia discovers a whole new world is out there beyond her research lab, where she is working on diseases of the blood. And vampires are now included in that world. She also realizes that the danger surrounding her is very real. Somewhere in the middle of all of this is Julian Mansfield, the man that saved her from the vampires. Is he really her hero or is he more dangerous than the blood suckers?

Julian knows he must convince Cecelia from continuing her research if he and the other vampires are to survive. He will do anything to stop Cecelia including seducing her. What he did not count on was falling in love with her and starting a war against his old master. Now, he must keep Cecelia safe from the vampires and keep her from finding out his secret.

But, what will she do if she finds out he has lied to her and that he is a blood sucker also? Will she leave him? Will the love they now share keep them together or will his lie or his nemesis tear them apart?

Blood Will Tell is a fangtastic book that is full of orgasmic bliss! You will find yourself on a roll coaster ride of emotions that never ends. December Quinn has given us a great new vampire story that you can sink your teeth into and take a big bite out of, that you will never forget. I am a new fan of Mrs. Quinn and look forward to reading many more of her intoxicating books that will take me on many new exciting adventures.

Book Blurb for Blood Will Tell

Dr. Cecelia Barnes' research on blood diseases made vampire Julian Mansfield want to watch her. Her intelligence and spirit, not to mention the sparkle in her eyes, made him want to help her.

Julian planned to seduce her work — which endangers all vampires — out of her, but her strength and wit seduce him right back. Before he knows it he's changing his plans and starting a bloody, violent war against his old master in a desperate bid to save the life of the woman he's quickly realizing he can't live without.

As their passionate meeting turns into a full-blown love affair more intense than either of them expected, Julian is tortured by the knowledge that he must admit to Cecelia that he is a vampire, or lose her…but when she finds out he's been lying, will she want to stay?

Reader Advisory: This book contains a brief scene of light female/female sexual exploration.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00