What Not to Do in Bed

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What Not to Do in Bed

“A naked man in cowboy boots…” Victory enjoyed the sweet piece of eye candy. Victory was on top of the world and the eye candy was just the topping on the cake. She was an author of a soon to be nationally published column, had a wonderful apt in San Francisco with friends, and now was going to spend a holiday weekend with her best friend. Excitement was all that her life held. Until, after returning from the weekend, she found she has misinterpreted her fame with her column. Now she found herself with a new column – about men’s health. Can you say yuck?

Cooper was furious. He has been enjoying a nice swim in the pond when his best friend stole his clothes and took off leaving him to jog home in nothing but his birthday suit and a pair of cowboy boots. What would make matters worse but to hear a car coming and no place to hide? And, of course, it’s an old flame. Someone he has had a crush on for years.

Mr. Incompetent, Victory sees. Mr. Incompetent has definitely changed and for the better.

Victory’s life has taught her how to make the best of things. She takes her new job and turns it around by educating men what not to do in bed. Her boyfriend, Mr. Incompetent is the model person to work with. But, is he really a boyfriend? She wants no strings attached or so she thinks. And his lovemaking is definitely not something to be sneezed at. The more they are together, the more the heart realizes he is not so incompetent.

Yet, what happens when you are on top of the mountain? One wrong step, one mistake and you are at the bottom. Now Victory and Cooper are in a mess.

I have never read anything by Elle Amery and I can tell you I quickly began researching her. This book had me hooked. I loved Victory. I loved Neelie, her hippie neighbor. I loved Anise, her best friend who’s fighting her own battles. I want more, more, more. I wanted to move next door to Victory and be able to live her life with her! You won’t want to put this one down. It’s definitely a five starrer (and would love to give it a ten) for both the story and the sex (ladies, great written scenes, you will want to show them to your husband) and even share the newspaper articles she wrote with friends. We were all laughing. This book deserves an award. 

Run, run, run to find your copy! You won't regret it.

Book Blurb for What Not to Do in Bed

Columnist Victory Lennox hasn't had sex for ages, so it's a good thing when she discovers her best friend's younger brother, Cooper Fairclough, running naked down a country lane. It takes little convincing to charm Cooper into becoming her new friend with benefits. Publicity-shy Cooper wants Victory for more than a few rolls in the hay, but Victory wants nothing more than to achieve public acclaim. But when she uses her escapades with Cooper as examples of what not to do in bed in her sex column, she realizes what a mistake she's made... Cooper 's all man now, and having his sexual skill publicly discussed enrages him. Victory's fallen in love with the man he's become, only her error in judgment could cost her the one thing more priceless than the fame she seeks: Cooper. Will he be able to forgive Victory so they can live the life of love and passion they both desperately want?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00