Desert Surrender

Maddox Perry is the owner of Moonglow Casino and is no stranger to gambling, or at least no stranger in gambling for a chance at becoming the Dom of a party girl that has no desire of being tied down. A man that can handle anything that comes his way, Maddox knows that this full figured woman is the one for him, even if he has to teach her everything she needs to know about submission.
Trying to avoid the man her father wants her to marry, Clarissa Alexander sees the one man that could help out with her problems. The first problem was her insatiable need for sex and the other was to get away from Henry, the man her father wishes her to marry. She has been burned many times before because of her size and is not up for a relationship. All she wants is just a one night stand, and when Maddox leaves her in a cab alone, and a pile of books about BDSM, she knows she has to learn more about this man.
The majority of the book takes place in the Nevada desert as Clarissa learns what it means to become submissive without losing her voice. Maddox doesn’t want a puppet on a string, he wants a woman who knows her own mind, but will seek the freedom that being his sub can bring. Clarissa isn’t sure she wants to change her loud party girl ways, but Maddox brings sensations to her body that she has never felt before. When she learns why Henry is really after her, Maddox helps her in other ways than just discovering her sexuality.
This story could be considered the how-to book for BDSM. It starts out very mild and explores bondage and discipline without a lot of pain. This story is more about control than whippings, but the way she is being controlled causes me to shiver in delight. I really enjoyed the way that Ms. Barron led the way for Clarissa to achieve pleasure in a way she never has before. Having never read anything by this author before, I was pleasantly surprised on the ease of reading the story and how well it flowed. It is a great romantic tale with a bit of BDSM fetish thrown in. I really felt they were made for one another and I took pleasure in the way the story played out. I recommend this book for anyone with the slightest urge to try a little bondage or discipline, it may just sway you to another world.

Book Blurb for Desert Surrender

Genre: BDSM Full-figured Heroine Erotic Contemporary

Length: Novel

BBW Clarissa Alexander isn't exactly the model daughter her rich parents want. She's loud, independent and always willing to show off her new tattoos. They're hoping the husband they've selected for her will help straighten her out.

But Clarissa has no intention of marrying the man her parents have chosen. She wants someone fun to play with. Someone like Maddox Perry, casino owner and absolutely gorgeous Dom. When Clarissa makes a play for Maddox she isn't just trying to tick off her parents: this time she's truly attracted.

After getting a taste of Clarissa, Maddox knows he's found the perfect sub for him. The only problem is Clarissa doesn't want to be tied down, permanently that is. He just has to teach her that the temperatures aren't the only thing smoldering in the Nevada desert. And surrendering to her submissive desires will give her more freedom than she ever thought possible.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including/not limited to: bondage, spanking, whipping).

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00